Host Plan

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In order to make things easier for those who wish to attend the congress but live outside of Barcelona, we offer to put them in contact with those who wish to host other attendees from outside the city at their homes and have the opportunity to meet people with the same interests.

How to enroll?

During your registration process, you can select one of the following options and you will receive more information on how to participate in this initiative:

  • I am interested in being a host. If you select this option, you will be given access to a short form where we will ask you about your preferences, space limitations, number of guests, gender, etc. By checking this option, you do not acquire any commitment now, you will only receive more information.
  • • I am interested in being a guest. The organization cannot guarantee the availability of places but will send you more information in case you meet the requirements of a host.

The congress organizers, BCO Congresos, and Breaking Barriers Congress only offer to put the hosts and guests in contact. They do not assume any responsibility and are not liable for any agreements that may be reached between hosts and guests.

Contact us for more information about the Host Plan at