Fundación Romper Barreras (Breaking Barriers Foundation)

The Fundación Romper Barreras (Breaking Barriers Foundation) is the dream come true of Joaquín Romero, a technical architect with multiple sclerosis, who made a decision as simple as it was bold: to live with the best possible quality of life and to use technology and accessibility to achieve it.

Joaquín, together with his brothers Borja and Carlos Romero, launched several projects to develop assistive technology products and services. Thus, he co-founded leading companies in the sector, such as BJ Adaptaciones or Adom. In 2017, thanks to Joaquín’s vitality and perseverance, the Fundación Romper Barreras (Breaking Barriers Foundation) was launched with the objective of “Getting all people with disabilities to feel accompanied at all times by a friendly entity, which understands their situation and lives alongside them their problems and difficulties.”

The Fundación Romper Barreras (Breaking Barriers Foundation) has the following objectives as mission:

  • Communicate the values that many people with disabilities represent: acceptance of limitations, improvement, optimism, and diversity.
  • Develop, promote, enhance, and facilitate the use of assistive technology and accessibility improvements to increase the quality of life of people with disabilities and their environment.

The organization of the Breaking Barriers Congress is one of the Foundation’s most passionate projects.